The Google Button Changed My Day

Exploring the power of moments and the art of creating them

This is getting harder. I typically lead with the silver lining but frankly, like most of you, I have been inside since March 13th. The days are blurring into weeks and the weeks into months and though I have been through hard times before, there is something uniquely groundhogs day about waking up and starting over day in and day out right now.

This a global pandemic has taken a toll in many ways. As many have lost loved ones, whole industries have disappeared and mental health is being deeply challenged. I hold the collective grief of the world in one hand and look out the kitchen window merely able to articulate my very singular point of view.

I fall in the "high risk" category so my loved ones have been working hard to honor the strictest regulations to support my wellbeing. I am thankful. I also don't have children of my own so I don't know what it is to balance working from home with raising a family in this 24-7 whirlwind. So, humbly I say...I don't have much to complain about and yet, this still feels hard.

Wake up, pick breakfast, ZOOM, ZOOM,ZOOM, ZOOM, pick dinner, watch a show, go to sleep, repeat.

I miss special moments. The unexpected kinds of moments created by surprise. The casual conversations that unearth learning on the subway, the stranger who bought the other stranger a coffee in line, the time the sky opened up and poured rain on Times Square and everyone scattered all different directions.

Where have all the surprises gone?