Show and Feel

A start-up approach to building authentic culture we can all learn from.

Okay, so it is actually called Show and Teal (a title lovingly adopted from the kindergarten classic--show and tell...but branded of course).

As some of you may know I am passionately employed by Teal HQ, an emergent tech start-up disrupting the job search industry in that we aim to get people the tools, support and community they crave at a price they can afford during what could otheriwise be one of the most stressful experiences in life -- unemployment.

I joined the team in April (then 6 people) as the founding Career Guide and we launched into the unsettling landscape of COVID-19.

They seemed nice but let's face it, it's hard to know what you are doing when you start a new job and it takes a lot more than "nice" to steer a startup into a storm. None of us saw helping 1000 people land jobs in 6 weeks coming.. but, sure enough, the moment called for a massive effort and we collectively pulled it off (with the help of a few new hires and a lot of love from the growing Teal community).

While we were in the business of doing all the doing....culture started to happen. The way culture does when you aren't looking. People talk a lot about designing it, shaping it and the most popular taglines make it seem like you can buy for the right price. The thing is though, culture happens because of the people..for better and for worse. In this case, it was for the better.... we leaned into Slack, r