Making A Case for Love...

In the era of swiping, should we be looking for the other half of our success?

This morning, I woke up early to prepare the microphone and tried to figure out a way to plug in two pairs of headphones. I have been a guest on podcasts before, but this morning was different.... we both were.

When I say both, I mean my partner Keith. My friend for the end of the world, quarantine companion, dog dad extraordinaire, artist, and in many ways my opposite.

I bet you are thinking, this is new... this blog has been about career stuff.. work with job seekers and a nearly nerdy preoccupation with personal leadership development.

But how could I deny you my inner monologue after rising today to spill my guts with my partner on a little topic we like to call love.

What a pleasant surprise it was. The host, ST Rappaport, a photographer who has made a career taking pictures of couples into a deeper exploration of love and commitment through her new podcast, surprised us with a deep line of questioning.