Leaders Aren't Exclusive

Leaders in the Round, The Leader Lounge, Newsletter for Leaders...as I scroll through LinkedIn I see update after update about the latest must-see workshop or Podcast release you need to hear...... and I cringe.

There is something wrong with this picture. The idea that each of us should aspire to be invited to be part of this exclusive club of leaders inherently undermines many of the most critical principles of leadership.

These titles insinuate that to be a Leader is to have arrived...that we can somehow settle into this position and remain there. That by being a so-called leader we earn the ability to tell others how to become one.

I would argue that nobody is a leader all the time. We choose to live into our own leadership daily. Through the big and little decisions, we make 365 days a year. We choose to exercise leadership .... or we don't.

So, in this effort to commodify leadership we isolate people, having them believe they are waiting on nuggets of wisdom so that one day they might be invited to the leadership party themselves.

Leadership Isn