1-1 Coaching,

Coaching is about showing up for your dreams. It is about getting laser-focused on what you want to be true, sorting through your non-negotiables, and taking action.  

Even if you don’t know where to start because you don’t know what you need? Been there...get that too. 

We can start where you are and still get where you want to go. 






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Try a session and see what you think...

Design Your Own Coaching 5 Pack

You will be surprised what we can do in 5 sessions. 


Schedule a virtual coffee with Staci to select your goals from a menu of priorities related to life, love, and/or career.

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Michelle Cast

Got her next job! 

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Ilya Blokh

Pivoted to Consulting! 

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Vicki Moore 

Launched her first book! 


Receive Your Customized Coaching plan via e-mail and provide feedback to ensure we are on track to tackle your most pressing concerns. 


Purchase Your Pack in one simple payment. 


Schedule your sessions when you want, at times that work for you, and reschedule as needed. You are pre-paid, good to go, and they won't expire! 

*payment plan option available

After the Harvest

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